Skip Bayless Says That Sexual Assault Case Helped Kobe Bryant Sell Sneakers

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[content_block id=134357] At some point, ESPN will seriously have to explore the idea of limiting Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith’s scope of discussion topics to Tim Tebow and Tony Romo because this is getting a little ridiculous. In the above clip, presumed marketing expert and sneaker enthusiast Skip Bayless equates a rape allegation with



Well, These “Gold Leaf” Sneakers Are Frankly Ridiculous


Church’s Boutique out of West Hollywood is actually selling these “gold leaf” “sneakers” for the obscene price of $1,875. $1,875. For shoes that look like gold-speckled dried turds. For all of high fashion’s recent trend-hopping onto the sneaker bandwagon, fashion designers have mostly stuck with either adding unnecessary straps and patent leather on their kicks


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These Versace Sneakers Will Only Set You Back $1,295


As sneakers have gone from athletic wear to fashion statement, luxury brands have taken notice and pumped out their own sneakers, hoping to bring some of their inflated prices to the shoe game. There may be no bigger offender than these Franken-shoes made by Versace. Useless gold zippers, a dumb gold midsole plate and a