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Alex Rodriguez’s ‘RE2PECT’ Parody Ad Is Absolutely Perfect

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Derek Jeter’s “RE2PECT” ad from Jordan made headlines around the MLB All-Star Game last week because of how great the commercial was and how it effectively encapsulated how beloved and respected the Yankees shortstop has become over the years. Well, now we have a Alex Rodriguez parody that is equally great for accurately encapsulating how



Netflix Announces New $5-A-Month ‘Browse Endlessly’ Plan

New $5-a-month Netflix plan allows you to keep using the service the same as ever but for cheaper

You finally have some free time after your hectic day to sit down and watch some quality television programming on Netflix, but the vast library of mostly mediocre and stale options prompts you to continually browse. And browse. And browse. And browse. And browse. And browse. And browse. Until finally you give up and watch



The Epic Van Damme Split Commercial, But With Ben Roethlisberger

The Epic Split feat. Ben Roethlisberger Van Damme / Volvo Parody

First there was the epic Jean-Claude Van Damme commercial for Volvo where the action hero did a cringe-worthy, crotch-grabbing split while on two tractor trailer trucks. Then there was Channing Tatum version of the commercial which pushed the limits as he did a semi-split while on two rolling carts. Now comes Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben



If Beer Commercials Were Honest


The fine folks at Cracked came up with this delightful beer commercial, but they didn’t lie. The result is hilarious and they refer to their hearty brew as “gut poison.” Karp’s Signature Summer Ales, when friends gather; tradition, craftsmanship, and quality blend together into an affordable brain and liver poison we’re sure you’ll love.”