Aaron Craft Blocks The Hell Out Of Little Kid’s Shot Attempt

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Aaron Craft doesn’t back down on defense, even against little kids. The former Ohio State guard, who re-joined the Golden State Warriors’ for the summer league, defended a kid at a youth basketball camp in Columbus, Ohio. Craft, a 6-foot-2 guard not necessarily known for his blocking ability, took advantage of a block opportunity by



Cardale Jones Says Women Don’t Know Sports, Promptly Claims Twitter Was Hacked

NCAA Football: National Championship-Ohio State vs Oregon

Cardale Jones did stupid things on social media again. The Ohio State quarterback went on somewhat of a Twitter rant Thursday, criticizing the knowledge of female sports fans. These tweets were deleted and Jones quickly backtracked, saying his Twitter was hacked. BTW, those wasn't my tweets about females and sports, I don't comment on



Cardale Jones Held The Weirdest Press Conference Ever

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Cardale Jones has only started three games for Ohio State, but most thought he would make the jump to the NFL. He just won a National Championship, it’s a weak quarterback class, Ohio State is currently littered with quality quarterbacks, and the dude isn’t known to be the biggest fan of going to school.