Celebrating Peyton Manning’s Career Highlights


If Peyton Manning isn’t the best quarterback of all-time, he certainly is in the discussion. On Sunday, Manning added yet another record to his name – this one for career touchdown passes. Now, at 38, Manning is somehow playing some of the best football of his life which is a remarkable feat considering that he


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Here Is Your First Set of Preseason Derrick Rose Highlights

Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose is back playing in a Chicago Bulls uniform, and early signs seem to indicate that the young man has still got it. I don’t think there is a fan of the NBA out there that doesn’t want D-Rose to stay healthy. Rose dropped 11 points in his first preseason game on Monday night



WWE’s Top Ten Unexpected Returns Of All-Time Is Fantastic


I used to watch the WWF (WWE) when I was in high school like my life depended on it, and the above video brought all of those memories right back to front and center. Check out these 10 great moments of superstars and owners returning to the WWE ring unexpectedly courtesy of YouTube user DalyxmanV2.