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Chris Johnson Offers Priceless Take on Jets’ QB Issues


It is no secret that the New York Jets have serious quarterback issues and those issues exploded exponentially today with a three interception first quarter for “franchise” QB Geno Smith. While there are likely some strong feelings within the Jets organization regarding the problems, their running back is completely unaware of the debacle because…well, he


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About That “Racism” Lawsuit Against UCF & George O’Leary


  Today in an Orange County, Florida Circuit Court an interesting lawsuit was filed against the University of Central Florida Athletics Department as well as the UCF Board of Trustees. The plaintiff is former defensive coordinator Paul Ferraro who held the job for all of two months this offseason before leaving for “personal reasons.” Well now


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Every Sports Town Should Act Like Miami

Miami Fans

It was of no surprise whatsoever that when the SI story of LeBron’s return to Cleveland was launched, the initial reaction was not about Cleveland suddenly being the favorite in the East. Nor was it how this would affect the roster in Miami. Nor was it about the sudden impact to the often-sad city of


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The 100 Greatest “This Is SportsCenter” Commercials

John Clayton This is SportsCenter

ESPN has been bringing the heat with their “This Is SportsCenter” commercials for several decades now, each providing its own unique take on sports and sports journalism with a touch of humor involved. The network has been releasing some VERY good ones as of late and this got us thinking about the great history of


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Phife Dawg and The 2014 NBA Draft: PHIFEdaPHanalyst Presents: “If I Were GM”, NBA Draft Edition


Throughout the entirety of the 2013-14 NBA Season, our resident sports aficionado, Phife Dawg of the legendary hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest, has graced us with his analysis on everything from his NBA Playoff predictions, to the lack of fundamentals present in the game of basketball today, the pursuit of equality within sports, his


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Here Are 25 Kim Jong Un Memes For Your Viewing Pleasure


North Korea and Kim Jong-un are always enjoying pissing off the rest of the world, and as retribution we have compiled 25 of the funniest North Korea related meme’s across the Internet. The memes have been e-mailed to us, or have originated from Reddit, We Know Meme’s, and Cheezburger. We hope you laugh as hard as we did,


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Derrick Coleman’s Inspiring Journey To The NFL: An Interview With The Super Bowl Champion On Overcoming Obstacles and Teaming Up To Tackle Global Hearing Loss

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Carolina Panthers

Adversity is inevitable. It has numerous faces and presents itself in an abundance of  fashions. It is often discouraging, is sometimes lethal, and will certainly drain one’s hope if not opposed by perseverance. If human beings all have one exceptional attribute in common, it’s a specific ability to endure hardship and flourish in the face of


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Baseball Is Better: The Fans Of Wrigleyville Explain Why There Is No Sport Quite Like America’s Pastime


As our friends over at MLB The Show have been emphasizing this summer, baseball is simply just better. Whatever that means to you on a personal level, is determined by your individual relationship with the game. But the universal impact of America’s pastime stretches far and wide throughout the globe, and each summer consistently brings in


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A List of Musicians Who Have Appeared As Playable In Video Games

The 45th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Audience and Backstage

In addition to contributing to games’ soundtracks, musicians have a long, but quirky history of appearing in sports video games as playable characters. Equipped with superior skills, the unlockable characters are usually among the games’ best athletes despite there obvious shortcomings, like Nelly being able to go toe-to-toe with Allen Iverson in NBA Street Vol.