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Canadiens Anthem Singer Briannah Donolo Is Absolutely Stunning


The Montreal Canadiens hosted their biggest rivals, the Boston Bruins, for the two teams’ final meeting at the Bell Centre this season on Thursday night. It was a good night for Canadiens fans – not only did the Habs dismantle Boston 5-1, but fans in attendance were also treated to two pregame anthems from up-and-coming


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Shane Battier Sings Like Shit


Former NBA forward Shane Battier seems to be enjoying life after basketball. Now with the Miami Heat as a “team ambassador,” Battier was called on to help out with the announcement that legendary musician Billy Joel would be playing at the Heat’s arena in January. Part of “helping out” included Battier getting behind a piano


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Tim Tebow Got Shut Down By Kacey Musgraves At The CMAs

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 11.11.39 AM

Tim Tebow was a presenter at the Country Music Awards last night and, no, I don’t know why either. What I do know, however, is that he’s still waiting for that handshake that he never got from Kacey Musgraves after announcing her win. Hey, at least Tebow learned SOMETHING from backing up Tom Brady. [@WorldOfIsaac]


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What Next Impulse Is Listening To – November 5th, 2014


“Give Me Back My Hometown” – Eric Church The second single from Eric Church’s 2014 album The Outsiders, “Give me Back my Hometown” is one of the country singer’s most popular songs ever. It can be appreciated by fans on all ends of the country and non-country spectrum and provides a fantastic backdrop to any


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Here’s More Footage From Stephon Marbury’s Weird Chinese Musical


Awhile back, we showed you crowd footage of Stephon Marbury’s musical, “I Am Marbury”, which experienced its first run in Beijing this fall. Fortunately (for those of us who can’t make it to China), VICE Sports tagged along to film a documentary on the production, which focuses on Marbury’s rise to stardom — and two