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ESPN Is Dumping As Many Knicks Games As Possible


When the NBA’s national television schedule was released last summer, the New York Knicks were only slotted for 16 appearances, nine fewer than the 2013-14 season when they were awarded 25 appearances (the maximum number allowed across ESPN/ABC and TNT).


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Michelle Beadle Smacks Down A Twitter Troll

Michelle Beadle

Florida State is set to face Oregon in the Rose Bowl on Thursday as part of college football’s first-ever playoff. Former ESPN columnist Molly Knight decided to have some fun on Twitter prior to the game, and poked the FSU bear a little with the following tweet:



The First Entourage Trailer Has Arrived

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 12.26.16 PM

Vince is directing and starring in a movie. The movie is seriously over budget. E doesn’t speak in the trailer. Drama doesn’t want to go back to Queens. Turtle is still skinny. Ari is still angry. The Entourage movie is actually real. Here’s the first trailer: