The Evolution of the Bikini In Under 2 Minutes


Amanda Cerny shows us how the bikini has evolved overtime, and not surprisingly it is mesmerizing. It is like a two-minute game of strip poker which started in black and white. The video takes you through each decade of bikini maturation since the beginning of the 1900s, and we are quite please where it has


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The Cast Of Entourage Try Their Hands At Seahawks Catching Drills


Rave reviews for the @EntourageMovie. Cast may need to spend a bit of time on their catching skills however. — Seattle Seahawks (@Seahawks) May 20, 2015 The actors of Entourage made their way to the Seahawks practice facility for a special movie screening this week and the cast got to participate in some catching drills


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David Letterman’s Favorite Band, Foo Fighters, Will Be His Final Musical Guest


  The Foo Fighters will join “The Late Show” when David Letterman says his final farewells Wednesday night. According to Rolling Stone, the Foo Fighters are Letterman’s favorite band. Letterman and the band’s frontman Dave Grohl have been buddies for the past 15 years, and the Foo Fighters were frequent guests throughout the talk show’s history. Is