Jared Donaldson didn’t like a call so he threw a fit and, cripes, it’s a bad look for the American tennis player.

Donaldson was in Monte Carlo facing Albert Ramos-Vinolas when he took issue with the call. Down a set and 0-40, Donaldson exploded at the chair umpire after a Ramon-Vinolas’ ace was called in when he thought it was out (he was right).

After plenty of bitching and complaining, Donaldson was rightfully assessed an unsportsmanlike¬†conduct penalty. He didn’t stop there, mocking the ref for being “sorry I hurt your feelings.”

Donaldson was right about the call but completely wrong on how he handled it. Petitioning the referee by throwing a tantrum will never help your case – and surprise, surprise, it didn’t help Donaldson’s. Next time, take a breath and proceed calmly, otherwise, you’ll be known as the guy who freaked out at an umpire and acted like a baby.

Watch the full video at Deadspin.

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