When Jay Cutler unretired and joined the Miami Dolphins to replace an injured Ryan Tannehill, it was expected the former Bears QB would provide a much-needed energy boost. On Sunday, Cutler did anything but spark the team.

In Miami’s embarrassing 20-0 shutout loss to the New Orleans Saints, Cutler showed little effort in tricking his opponents on a wildcat formation. Check out this hilarious video where Cutler stands stationary on the sideline. Seriously, there’s no effort (so, of course, we photoshopped ‘Smokin’ Cutler’ on top of the vid.)


Cutler – along with the Dolphins as a whole – stunk it up. Efforts like this are unacceptable, even if it’s a play not designed for much Cutler action. If Cutler wants to shed his ‘Smokin’ Cutler’ image and be considered a top QB, he needs to give 100% all the time, or at the very least, 25%. This is so bad it’s funny.

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