Cameron Baker of Jefferson High School in Council Bluffs, Iowa absolutely dominated a Sioux City West defense in a 56-21 win in which he ran for 336 yards. While those numbers are gaudy, that doesn’t tell the full story at all.

Baker ran for one of the most impressive runs in all of football. Not just high school, this would be considered impressive at any level.

This looks exactly like a Madden play that would get you and your friends upset. He is nearly stopped at the line of scrimmage and he fights off almost an entire defense. He doesn’t just outrun them, it is like he almost runs over or breaks a tackle from every player on the field.

Baker has over 800 yards rushing through four games and is currently a player according to 24/7 that is without an offer. The player is only a junior but still, if he continues to make plays like this, how can he not be denied. At six-foot-one and just under two hundred pounds, he is the perfect size for a running back as well.

Given his roots in Iowa, he would fit right in with Big 10 football.

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