Kevin Durant is admitting to calling out former coach Billy Donovan but adamantly denies using a secret account to do so.

This week, Durant posted a bizarre tweet from his account, where he spoke in the third person, and called out his former OKC coach and roster.

At TechCrunch, Durant said he doesn’t have a secret account where he posts on Twitter. But, he did apologize for mentioning names.

“I don’t regret clapping back at anybody or talking to my fans on Twitter,” Durant said at TechCrunch … “I do regret using my former coach’s name and the former organization that I played for.”

“That was childish. That was idiotic. All those type of words … I regret doing that and I apologize to him for doing that.”


*extremely Tina Fey voice*


K.D. I’m one of your biggest fans, but this explanation does not explain why you tweeted like you weren’t tweeting from your official account. Kudos to apologizing and admitting it was you, but that doesn’t unlock the full story here.

Durant has wiped away haters with ease since joining the Warriors, but his insecurities are starting to bleed out to the public. Next time, don’t trash your former coach or former teammates so publicly. Otherwise, don’t be surprised when people criticize your demeanor.


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