Tim Tebow does good deeds. There are many arguable points in sports and in the sporting world but Tebow’s volunteer work is second to none.

Now a burgeoning baseball player, Tebow sent a message to a grandma recently and made her day. He spent time at a Hurricane Irma disaster shelter and was able to cheer up many people. One man, in particular, stood out.

The gentleman was incredibly excited to see Tebow. He was so excited in fact, that he pulled out his harmonica and started playing right then and there.  Tebow looked on in amazement as the gentleman’s dog was sitting on the owner’s lap.

It produced an uplifting moment and made for smiles all around even though the dog runs out of frame at the end. Tebow may be a middling at best baseball player and an okay television personality but what he does best is get people to rally around him. His philanthropic works can’t be matched and taking time out to go down to this shelter once again shows that he is a kind person.


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