After football, a lot of players have trouble getting on their feet. It is hard finding your way and staying busy is the best way to do so. Former wide receiver Steve Smith is doing just that and he is finding different ways to stay occupied.

He is now working for the NFL Network and is a host for Gameday Morning but he is also getting back to his roots. He worked for Taco Bell when he was younger and he decided to return behind the counter in Charlotte for old times sake.

“The drive-thru at rush hour is really just like a two-minute drill,” Smith said to For The Win. “You’re going to make some mistakes. You’re going to mis-hear the order, or mis-hear the play, and you’ve just got to shake it off, man. You’ve got to get to the next customer or get to the next play.”

He also talked about how he had to stay away from Taco Bell during his playing days but he would sometimes take part.

That’s the thing about Taco Bell,” Smith said. “It’s open late night, with the drive-thru. Everybody gets that midnight craving.”

If hosting a morning show doesn’t work out, Smith may have a future owning Taco Bell franchises. He definitely has the background to make it work.


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