Inventing a new game/sport is tough to do. A lot of the most popular sports were invented in the early 20th century and the culture around it took a while to cultivate.

Spikeball is a game that was reinvented in 2008 and was seen recently on Shark Tank. The concept is simple enough as the game is played much like 2v2 sand volleyball except there is a net that you want to hit.

A rally of Spikeball was shown on SportsCenter and actually made the evening’s top plays. If the game catches on, it looks like many barbeques will be taking on an entirely different mood.

A spikeball rally for the record books. #SCtop10

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What makes it even better is the fact that anyone really can play it. While the people playing look highly experienced, get a beer or two in me and I’m sure that you’ll see a similar rally from me and my teammate.

Accessibility for many sports is key and it doesn’t take much to get this game going. Next step after being on SportsCenter, the game needs to make an appearance at the Olympics. Imagine the best athletes in the world flipping around and making plays. I am all in on Spikeball.

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