I’ll never be able to feel the pain of having a low rating in a video game but a lot of players in various leagues get upset over it. It doesn’t matter the sport, the players want their feelings known and that they should be rated higher.

San Antonio Spurs Rudy Gay is the latest culprit and after the “NBA 2K” twitter account tweeted out the top 10 small forwards in the game, Gay let his feelings be known.

Not being on that list shouldn’t be that big of a deal but Gay didn’t let it go. Letting all of his Twitter followers know that he thought it was a “crock of BS.”

Gay has always been one of the better players in the game, so being upset is warranted. He was also asked about whether or not his position may not be listed properly by a follower. Gay did the digging and let him know that he is in fact listed as a small forward and no mistake was made.

If any of us were in that situation, we would be trying to do something similar. No one likes to be disrespected for all to see and Gay tried to put a stop to it. At least he didn’t take it as far as John Wall.


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