Alexander Zverev simply didn’t want to disappoint music superstar Pharrell.

During his first-round win at the U.S. Open, the German tennis player – currently ranked number six in the world – wore his socks peculiarly high, and for good reason. Zverev told USA Today Sports that Pharrell Williams himself was sitting in his box before the game. Why so nervous? Because Pharrell designed the socks he was wearing.

“Pharrell Williams, who was sitting in my box in the beginning of the match, designed my outfit. So he came up with the socks and obviously I didn’t want to disappoint him and put them down while he was watching me so that’s what it looked like.

The throwback tube socks look dope, so I don’t understand why Zverev would ever feel the need to put them down – besides comfort. But, Zverev won his opening round match so, perhaps, they’re a good luck charm. Plus, Pharrell designed them which makes them instantly cool! It’s a win-win if he wears them.

Personally, I’d love to see more tennis players adopt tube socks. It’s a damn great look, especially on Zverev.

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