Roberto Aguayo’s time in Tampa Bay came to an end earlier last week, when the second-round kicker was cut after continuing to shank field goals. Unfortunately, Aguayo’s end point with the Buccaneers was well-documented and it’s brutal.

HBO’s Hard Knocks has followed the Buccaneers in training camp, and they caught a moment in which Aguayo’s fellow teammate Chris Baker – clearly fed up with Aguayo’s brutal kicking – calls a missed field goal right before it happens.

“I’m calling it wide left,” Baker said. What did I tell you,” the defensive end comments after Aguyao boots the ball wide.

I mean, with such little support from his teammates, it must have been impossible for Aguyao to regain his confidence once it completely dropped off the earth. Baker has a right to be so up-front – and maybe he’s joking around – but either way, it’s hard not to feel bad for the now-released kicker.

Thankfully, Aguyao was given a second chance as the Chicago Bears claimed him on waivers. Hopefully, the 23-year-old can regain some of the confidence which made him a second-round pick, to begin with, and one day, kick a winner against his former team. How cool would that be?

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