Having LeBron James as your father would be an absolute terror. Can you imagine having the most famous athlete in the world as your dad? Now imagine him as your AAU coach. That is a reality for, get this, LeBron James Jr.

LeBron and his son are in Las Vegas for an AAU tournament against the countries best. The tournament though hasn’t gone as expected. James has coached the team at one point, yelling at one point in time and most recently, accused the other team of poor sportsmanship.

James has coached the team at one point, yelling at another point in time during the week. Most recently, he accused Utah Elite of poor sportsmanship. It would be one intimidating experience to be yelled at by James.

You can hear the elder James say “don’t care about sportsmanship, then … get in their a** like a bike with no seat.” That is one descriptive statement to give to a group of kids.

Later on in the video, James can be seen telling onlookers to calm down after a no call on his son.

While rumors swirl around the Cavaliers forward, it looks like energy is being taken out at an AAU tournament. Not a bad offseason plan.

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