Steph Curry says he wasn’t trying to make fun of LeBron James in a recent Instagram video.

Video popped up online of Steph and Kyrie Irving seemingly mocking LeBron’s workout routine while dancing at Harrison Barnes’ wedding. In a recent interview with the Athletic, Curry admitted to imitating LeBron’s workout video but said he wasn’t making fun of him.

“I’ve been watching that video twice a day since it happened because it’s my favourite video in the entire world. He made a song popular by making a video. And that lives. So now every time I hear that song, that’s all I think about. And I’ve been doing that dance because of him, at my house, at dinner. When something good happens, I pull that out, because I like it and it makes me laugh and it makes me happy. Not making fun of him.”

Curry went onto say Irving wasn’t trying to clown his teammate, but the proof is in the video. Irving can at least say he was just a bystander laughing at Curry’s dancing, but Steph’s got no excuse. He acknowledged he was mimicking LeBron’s workout video. It’s funny, but don’t try to make it seem like you weren’t mocking him.

I love living in this current online age. The Internet has produced some strange, quality beefs. This one is among the best. Own it, Curry!


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