There are bad days and then there are bad days like University of Dayton basketball player Sam Miller experienced.

The 6’9″ forward was originally charged with disorderly conduct by intoxication and underage consumption. By the end of his night in jail, he was also charged with misdemeanor assault.

This info comes courtesy of the Dayton Daily News:

According to a Beavercreek police report, officers were dispatched to Caddy’s Taphouse at 2760 Towne Dr. in Beavercreek at 1:21 a.m. Sunday in reference to an assault.

A bartender told police Miller became upset when she told him he couldn’t have any more drinks, and he knocked all the glasses off the bar and pushed her, the report alleged.

A security officer escorted Miller outside the bar. Miller told the security officer he was going to punch someone and then pushed the officer, the report said, and that officer then took Miller to the ground and held him there until Beavercreek police arrived.

Upon arrival, Beavercreek police took Miller into custody. Officers said his speech was slurred and difficult to comprehend. He was uncooperative and combative at the time of the incident, screaming profanities and resisting officers’ attempts to get him into the back of the police vehicle, the report said. He also kicked the door of the vehicle.

This isn’t the worst night in the world but what he does afterward becomes a real issue.

As Miller went into his cell at Greene County jail, he proceeded to take off his pants and urinate on the floor. In enters John Watkins Jr., a man arrested on an OVI charge who stated to police that he doesn’t want to be in the same cell where Miller urinated. Police cleaned and disinfected but Watkins still didn’t want to enter before relenting.

Shortly after Watkins enters, Miller approaches Watkins and slaps him. Watkins returns the favor by punching Miller multiple times.

Miller was then taken to Greene Memorial Hospital where he was evaluated. Miller has pleaded not guilty to all charges against him.

If Miller wanted to make a good impression for new Dayton head coach Anthony Grant, this would be the wrong way to do it. Hopefully, his time in jail and in the hospital gave him some time to think about what a mess he got himself into.

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