The renaissance of Isaiah Thomas is nearly complete. The last task on his checklist is a brand new contract.

The diminutive Boston Celtics guard bounced around the league before finding the right situation in the Northeast. After averaging over 28 points a game and over five assists per game, it makes sense why he wants his contract situation resolved. After all, he only made a shade under 7 million last year. That is a lot of money to you and me, but for a basketball superstar, it isn’t nearly enough.

Thomas sent a message loudĀ and clear to the Celtics that they’ll need to “back up the Brinks truck for him.” So it is more than just a coincidence that he posted a photo on Instagram of his Brinks truck sandals.

“That slow grind,” is one way to say that he is waiting to get paid. What a statement that makes to those in charge. Although he may have bigger fish to fry than a new contract.

Now that former Jazz forward Gordon Hayward has joined the Celtics, it only calls into question who the “alpha” is on the team.

The team is going to contend with the best teams in the Eastern Conference next year, how they get there and if Thomas is happy is a totally different story.


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