Charles Barkley is offering some sage advice to the recently-paroled O.J. Simpson: Keep your act together.

TMZ caught up with the Inside the NBA host, where Barkley admitted he was pulling for O.J. to get his life together.

“I hope so. “He’s done everything possible to screw this thing up. I hope he can keep his act together.” 

He said O.J. should keep things quiet from this point forward and “play golf for a living.”

“I think he should just lay low. The whole situation has been an awful thing for him, the Goldman family and his kids. I just hope he stays in Florida, stays out of trouble and plays golf for a living.”

Don’t count on Chuck to be golf-buddies with O.J. anytime soon, as Barkley said he wouldn’t tee it up with Simpson if he was asked to. Honestly, neither would I. Simpson is not someone you should actively want to associate with in this day and age.

So, it sounds more like Barkley is rooting for O.J. to stay out of trouble now that he’s been released from jail, more than he’s actively cheering on a comeback from the controversial former NFL star.


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