The news coming from the O.J. Simpson parole hearing has once again put the former football star and actor in the spotlight. Simpson has had an Oscar-winning documentary made about him and a Golden Globe winning drama based on his life. The attention is a lot and many believe that he is going to cash in on his refound fame soon enough.

Pawn Stars boss Rick Harrison doesn’t believe that the market around Simpson merchandise is going to be as big as others believe.

“It’s going to be a tough sell,” Harrison told TMZ Sports.

They followed up and asked him if there is going to be a spike at all. Harrison still doesn’t believe much if anything is going to happen to that merchandise.

“I don’t think so,” noted Harrison. “Especially with sports memorabilia, a big part of it is a dad and his son collecting that kind of stuff. It’s still got a really bad stigma on it.”

Even though he believes the market isn’t going to be great. It would be unlikely that Simpson doesn’t try to make money off of his image. He is more popular than ever and with it, he will be in demand.

Just not in the way we may think.

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