Former Buffalo Bills and New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan is a fascinating sports figure.

You never know when he is going to show up. Last people heard of him, he was in Nashville for the Stanley Cup and he was getting in bar fights when he wasn’t complimenting ladies on their feet.

It isn’t a lavish lifestyle he leads but it sure is an interesting one.

Now the larger than life personality is deciding to pursue various hobbies. This week’s selection? Mountain biking.

A New England Patriots fan showed him around, which shows that there is a sense of justice in this world. The Instagram also states that Ryan didn’t fall which is the most surprising part of the entire story.

The last time we saw him on a bike, it was with his brother, Rob.

What a pairing those two are together.

If Ryan had a travel show, you bet your bottom dollar I would watch it. There would be multiple culture shocking moments and you’d get to see him continue his pursuit of other hobbies. Parasailing is no doubt in his future.

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