When you have 165 professional wins and nine major championships under your belt, you get free reign to do whatever you’d like.

At 81 years of age, Gary Player is doing just that. Player already breeds horses and own multiple businesses. What else is there left to do for a guy, that has everything?

How about doing a backflip into the water in front of friends and family?

It doesn’t get much more impressive than that. I could barely do that at 14 and he is pulling this off in his 80’s? Yeesh.

Not all responses to Player were supportive as one person replied with one of the more morbid responses you’ll see on Twitter.com.

This guy needs to take a chill pill. Everyone is well aware of where we end up. Who could’ve guessed that Gary Player has haters at such an old age. Let’s hope that he defies modern science and lives forever.

I wouldn’t mind seeing him doing this every ten years and showing just how great of an athlete he was/is for all of his life.

Keep doing you, Gary.

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