Taking phone calls live on air is always a troubling proposition when there are so many different variables that can’t be accounted for.

Jason Whitlock and Kristine Leahy filled in for Colin Cowherd on The Herd on FS1. When taking calls, they accepted one from a man named James in Kansas City. The caller stated that he didn’t have a lot of time before lockdown. That immediately caught Whitlock’s and Leahy’s interest with Leahy asking what the caller meant.

“He called collect” stated Whitlock, implying that the call was coming from jail. Leahy asked if they showed The Herd in jail and James from Kansas City apparently didn’t like the way the conversation was going so he lashed out.

“See, that’s the reason (LaVar) told her don’t talk to him,” said our incarcerated caller, referencing the time Lavar Ball lashed out at Leahy.

When Ball was last on The Herd, he told Leahy to “stay in your lane” when she asked about ZO2 sales, which obviously caused controversy.

James is obviously over the line with his comment but now I can’t help but wonder if the next step for these radio and “embrace debate” shows is taking them into weird locales, like a prison. They’ll do anything for viewers and more off the cuff responses like that from jailed James would presumably get people to tune in.

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