All good feuds last for a long time and have a long standing history. That is what makes a feud, a feud, right?

Former Ohio State teammates Evan Turner and Mark Titus have been feuding since 2008. Their relationship has many twist and turns, fluctuating from article to article you read about them. Sometimes it’s all in good fun, other times it feels like the two really don’t like one another.

Turner was a star while at Ohio State leading his team to multiple great moments both in the NIT, Big 10 tournament, and NCAA Tournament. Titus was along for the ride as a walk-on and wrote a blog called Club Trillion. He stated that Turner was a “head case” and “out for himself.”

Turner was routinely referred to as “The Villain” by Titus on his blog. And later on in his book Don’t Put Me In Coach.

It made for entertaining reading and added another layer to an already fun team at the time.

Fast forward to now. Titus works at The Ringer as a college basketball writer and Turner plays for the Portland Trail Blazers. As recently as this month, it appeared that the two squashed their “beef” at a cookout for former Ohio State basketball coach Thad Matta.

If you thought that this feud was over and done with, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Titus posted an Instagram for “Throwback Thursday” that sparked it all. In the aforementioned post, Titus was holding a trophy for a tournament his AAU team had won. The team sports multiple future NBA players like Mike Conley Jr., Daequan Cook, and Greg Oden.

In the comments, Turner couldn’t pass up the possibility of roasting Titus and making sure it is known how he feels about Titus.

One joke wasn’t good enough for Turner. He decided to fully roast Titus and make sure that the feud lives on well past its expiration date. Calling Titus’ fans virgins and calling him a glory hog is one way to eviscerate someone. Meanwhile, Titus’ poor co-host of the Ringer University podcast, Tate Frazier, is somehow caught in the middle of it all.

For a long standing fan of this feud, I can only hope this lives on until my grandchildren become aware of it.

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