Summer is upon us, bringing with it hotter temperatures, less clothing, and more sweat on your chubby uncle’s neck while he tends to his azaleas. Get him a gardening hat so he doesn’t overheat.

As we prepare for our time in the sun and finding ways to cool down, Twitter has decided to heat things up (pun super, completely intended) by being it’s weird self once again. Today, comedian and writer Will Presti has started #HeatUpAMovie bring people together to “improve” famous movie titles with the inclusion of all things hot-related, ranging from funny to sad to the somewhat sexy. Strange? Absolutely.  Fun? We’d like to think so.

Head below to check out just a tiny sample of #HeatUpAMovie’s creative collection, trending at over 8,500 (!!) tweets as of this writing. This is just another example of how we, as a species, can fun doing pretty much anything.  Want to see more? Head here to join the fun.



Photo: Twitter