We at Next Impulse get a bunch of free product from companies, some bad, and some are not so bad. We get the product with no restrictions as to if we need to post about them or even toss something up on our social channels, but if the product is solid we love to show off the product.

The latest tech product to make its way into our Oakland office is the Renny Homewhich is billed as the ‘ultimate smartphone & cell phone ringer.” That seems like a mouthful so to put it simply, the Renny Home is the only thing you need in the office to connect everything that makes the world go round. The hub’s main function for us if the fact it acts as a speakerphone for conference calls, streams our Spotify, acts as our caller ID and is all wireless. Check out the video for a better overview than we could ever give.

There are three products out right now for the Renny and here are all the bells and whistles:

The Renny product line from Olens Technology has three different models to choose from. The entry level Renny JR. is a loud external ringer for one smartphone with built in selectable ringtones, text and email notifications, and the ability to stream music! The Renny Original smartphone hub and ringer connects two phones at the same time, adds portability, a hands-free speakerphone, and more! The top of the line Renny HOME is the first complete smartphone management system for any home or office, which adds Handsfree Answer, Talking Caller ID, Name Announce, a Ring Only Mode, and much more!

Here’s how they work… Renny is always on and ready, so when a call comes in to your cell phone, even if it’s on silent, vibrate, or far away, Renny will not only ring to let you know you have an incoming call, but will also announce who’s calling! And, Renny’s hands-free feature allows you to answer a call without having to find your phone!

For those of you who may be a little more visually inclined, we got you.


Long story short, ditch the land-line and streamline all the tech in your house by grabbing the Renny Home. Renny can even help you find your phone if it’s lost around the house using voice command by turning on your phone’s alarm so you can find it!