While Jordan Brand is best known for its line of retro basketball sneakers, His Airness’ shoe line has also branched out into other spheres as well, whether that be trainers, runners or casual footwear. With the rise of luxury brand sneakers, it seemed inevitable that the Jumpman would take a crack at the Balenciagas of the world with their own luxury sneaker.

Now if only those sneakers, called the Jordan Shine, weren’t $400 while also looking like makeshift woven baskets.

There’s no official release date for these yet but Sole Collector is stating that one can expect them to be at places like Barney’s “soon”.

Edit: Sneaker News is reporting that the Jordan Shine is dropping on July 26th for those with money to burn.



If you’re curious for what these will look like on feet, Russell Westbrook has you covered (because, honestly, there’s nothing that man won’t try wearing at least once. Well, that and Westbrook has the whole Jordan Brand connection):

PO style 5_5 Russ Shine

[Sole Collector]