Derek Jeter is Part-Owner of a Company Selling High-Tech Men’s Underwear that Cools Your Genitals?


The soon-to-be retired Derek Jeter is understandably building his post-baseball portfolio, one that apparently contains FrigoRevolution Wear.

In one of the oddest and most absurd revelations for the future Hall of Famer, Jeter’s involvement was finally leaked. The company designs and sells high-tech men’s underwear that provides the genitals support from behind, thus removing them from indirect contact with the rest of the body, contact that creates heat.

Shall I continue?

The pricey garment contains a soft-lock adjustment system  and patented pouch called the Frigo Zone. While it was previously confirmed that Jeter was an investor with the company Frigo, the company’s specific products were not well-known until now.


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Photo Courtesy: Christopher Sardowski