Cleveland Cavaliers v New York Knicks

The Cleveland Cavaliers are getting major love at the books, so much that MGM has dropped their odds of winning the 2015 NBA title to an astonishing 10:1.

With rumors of a potential LeBron James return to the homeland heating up, bettors are flying to sports books across Las Vegas.

“They are our biggest liability right now,” MGM VP of Race and Sports Jay Rood told ESPN. “We took a dime ($1,000) on them at 40-1.”

Since their odds were updated on June 9th, more bets have been placed on the Cavs to win next year’s title than any other team despite coming off a 33-win season. Granted, Andrew Wiggins has joined the squad and any rumblings of Kyrie Iriving departing were abruptly stopped with his max contract.

San Antonio (9:2) and Chicago (7:1) are the only teams to attract more cash.



Photo Courtesy: Getty Images