Rory McIlroy’s relationship with Caroline Wozniacki is/was a turbulent one at times and it seems that the more details that emerge about their breakup, the worse it sounds.

McIlroy reportedly decided to break their engagement last week after sending out the wedding invitations, realizing that he wasn’t ready for marriage yet. Not exactly great timing.

This from an article published by the New York Times:

McIlroy publicly announced the end of the engagement, which he said he called off because he realized after the wedding invitations had been sent out that he was not yet ready for marriage, on May 21 after breaking the news to her over the phone.

Over the phone? Yikes, that’s cold. Even colder? The phone call only lasted three minutes, and Caroline thought it was a joke.

The last time [McIlroy] called, less than a day after telling her how much he loved her, it was a three-minute conversation she thought was a joke.

I’ve had some bad breakups, but I’m quite sure none of them happened in three minutes or less. Even girls I broke up with in elementary school got notes that took longer than three minutes to write, never mind girls I asked to marry. Jeesh.

Props to Wozniacki for handling the whole breakup as well as she has, at least publicly. Can’t be easy.

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