There’s a sports-themed version of Jeopardy! coming to your television this fall, and Dan Patrick will be playing the role of Alex Trebek.

It was officially announced this week that Patrick will host Sports Jeopardy!, the sports-only version of the popular hit game show that will air via Crackle, a Sony-owned digital service. The Emmy award-winning broadcast seems like a mighty fine choice to step into Trebek’s shoes…or should I say cleats?

Some more details on the show, via Bleacher Report:

Sports Jeopardy! will be made available to viewers with PlayStations,Xboxes, Apple TV and Roku—a safe and cheaper conduit on Sony’s part.

The biggest difference between Patrick’s show and the old show is a mobile app reportedly in development for the program. Users watching Sports Jeopardy! on their mobile devices will be able to download an application allowing them to keep score in real time.

Let’s just hope the show can find smarter contestants than this guy: