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The Philadelphia Phillies had a pretty cool idea for their home-opener at Citizens Bank Ballpark on Sunday afternoon – the team let the children of their Phillies Phundamentals programs draw their own versions of the starting lineup’s headshots, then used the kids’ work on the jumbotron during the game.

Can you match the drawings above to the players they’re supposed to represent? The only one I got is Chase Utley. Answers below:

1. Chase Utley

2. Cody Asche

3. Dom Brown

4. Jimmy Rollins

5. Kyle Kendrick

6. Marlon Byrd

7. Ryan Howard

8. Tony Gwynn Jr.

Check out some of the artwork in action:

1 - nneO3Mb

2 - f3vXWDQ

3 - BckOQ6r

4 - ACRo0pB

5 - aESq843