How does an individual get access to the AmericanAirlines Arena wearing a banana suit? It seems like there would be some kind of security risk, not to mention the high possibility that he could be insane. Second this is a big game between the Miami Heat and the New Jersey Nets, this isn’t some Bucks against the Cavaliers matchup that truly needs outside wackiness to bring entertainment value to the event. And how is banana man only like 15-feet from NBA great Alonzo Mourning and the dapper Craig Sager. Not to be prejudice, but banana people should be in the upper sections of the arena where they are bothering the likes of Alonzo Mourning. Finally what’s with all the head twitching? He’s like some crazy owl hopped up on several triple espresso macchiatos. If I was security nearby I’d taser this guy just for the sheer fact that he thinks Del Monte bananas are better than Dole bananas.