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Now on to our review of the album… After my first listen of Himalayan, Band of Skulls third studio album, I outloud at my desk said “holy sh*t!” So yah, it’s that good even after a first listen.

I first saw Band of Skulls about a year ago, when they were opening for Muse, and I really enjoyed their sound.  This third album hasn’t changed my mind about the British rockers at all.  Keeping up with the heavy blues-driven rock, the trio makes Himalayan one of the better rock albums I’ve heard in a while.  You can hear influences from bands they’ve opened for, like The Dead Weather and The Black Keys, but then you hear the arena rock influences from a group like Muse.

The first track, “Asleep At the Wheel,” wastes no time to kick your ass.  Right off the bat you’re hit with heavy drums and a bass line so deep you can feel it in your soul.  The album slows down a bit for you to catch your breath with the track “Cold Sweat.”  You can definitely hear some influences from The Dead Weather on this track, mainly because Emma Richardson has an amazing voice that reminds me of Alison Mosshart.  One of the absolute stand out tracks for me is “I Guess I Know You Very Well.” Starting off the heavy blues-rocker is a slow reverb soaked guitar for the first verse before hitting the chorus HARD!  Richardson and Marsden share chorus vocals while Richardson kills it on a heavily distorted bass that fits the track’s structure perfectly. The track also features one of my favorite guitar solos from Marsden, how can you not like this song?! It’s got it all!

With the album out April 1st, expect to have this one on repeat for quite some time. The Nick Launay produced Himalayan is an excellent example of what rock music should be, full of heavy riffs, killer guitar solos, and catchy choruses that draw you in even deeper.

Key Tracks: “I Guess I Know You Very Well,” “I Feel Like Ten Men, Nine Dead & One Dying,” & “Hoochie Coochie”