One of the hottest WAGs in the game, Kelly Hall, may have finally been elevated to fiancee status. The girlfriend of Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford posted this photo to her Instagram with the caption:

Don’t think I could be happier!!” #icecream.

I’d say the same thing if I had some delicious Coldstone ice cream. I wonder if she went with the “Birthday Cake Remix” or the “Oreo Overload.” But you really can’t go wrong with “Cookie Doughn’t You Want Some.” Well whichever of the delectable flavors of ice cream the gorgeous future Miss Stafford had, it was accompanied by a rather large diamond ring on her left hand. We can only hope for two things, that she doesn’t frequent Coldstone too often now that she has Matthew locked down and that she doesn’t stop partying in bikinis with the likes of Lindsey Duke.