via @RedSox

The Boston Red Sox have never shied away from being different, especially not lately, so I figured the reigning champs’ scheduled trip to the White House next week would get a little weird. Just not this weird.

When they head to D.C. to meet the President next Tuesday, Sox players will be wearing the American-flag themed blazers you see in the photo above. The idea came from – who else – crazy man Jonny Gomes, who went ahead and did the duty of ordering the special suit jackets for his fellow Sox.

He also ordered an extra one for a special someone:


Let’s just hope that baby gets broken out during a State Of The Union address.

UPDATE (3/31/14): As just reported by Red Sox sideline reporter Gary Striewski, the Red Sox are not planning on wearing them to the White House tomorrow. Not really sure why the hell you’d order stars & stripes blazers if you’re not going to wear them to the White House. Any thoughts, Gary?