CupcakeOver the past few years, cupcakes have basically taken over the dessert world. What was once a staple of home baking and quaint birthday parties, has turned into a kajillion-dollar (number approximate) gourmet foodie business, where people line up to fork over $5 for a dessert. But what if your precious gourmet cupcake shop is closed for the day?

Enter Sprinkles Bakery’s new 24-hour cupcake ATM, a cupcake dispenser that spits out all your favorite flavors — red velvet, Cuban coffee, banana dark chocolate, cinnamon sugar, etc. — to the tune of $4.25 a pop. The ATM, which holds up to 760 cupcakes at a time, is located at Sprinkles’ New York City location (Upper East Side, specifically). Also, in true UES fashion, you can buy two mini cakes ($5) for Fido. Something tells us there will be an increase in rich people going for late night dog walks.

UPDATE: Here it is, in action!