Russell WilsonNot one to be left out of the March bracketology party, is running a really dumb “Greatest QB Of All Time” tournament — an NFL off-season time killer to determine, um, the greatest quarterback of all time. For starters, the “region” names appear to be leftovers from an ESPN production meeting: “Right Now” (aka, “Who’s More NOW!”), “Millenials”, “Generation X”, and “Baby Boomers”. I’m not going to go into all of the criteria that determines the brackets, but in order to qualify for “Right Now”, you just had to be a quarterback currently playing in the NFL. Also, it helps if you’ve won a Super Bowl (poor Philip Rivers), which Russell Wilson did almost two months ago — in just his second season.

As a No. 7 seed, Wilson faced what appeared to be a daunting task: take down No. 2 seed Peyton Manning, who is unarguably one of the greatest QBs of all time (and doesn’t need a stupid poll to prove it). However, the powers that be at committed the classic blunder of opening this up to a public fan vote, because here’s what Seattleites — including Seahawks fans — do: they stuff ballot boxes. In fact, if you ever put anything Seattle-related in a head-to-head competition and let your average Internet Joe determine the outcome, you will lose. Every. Time. I mean, life-changing cheeseburgers, anyone?

However, it appears order will be restored in the second round, because as of this publishing, Aaron Rodgers is leading Wilson by 58%. But, again, it’s all silly, so who really cares.