Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods are both fiery competitors as well as friends. And if you’re really good friends with someone you will tease each other and joke around. Well apparently Peyton and Tiger are really, really good friends because Manning revealed this hilarious anecdote about the golfer. Peyton gave an interview with The Golf Channel and rehashed a conversation between himself and Tiger back when Tiger wasn’t ranked the No. 1 player in the world and was slumping so badly that Rory McIlroy took the top spot from him. Manning said that when he played for the Indianapolis Colts that he used Tiger’s name when he was behind center and wanting the play to go on a single snap count because he was the No. 1 player. The he said that he would use Phil Mickelson’s name if he wanted it to go on two because he was the No. 2 player. When Tiger asked what’s the biggest difference between the Colts offense and the Broncos offense, Manning delightfully retorted, “We use McIlroy on one and Tiger is on two.” Boom! Roasted. Woods probably didn’t find that quite as funny as the rest of us and simply responded, “I’m going to get that fixed.” I’m sure Tiger has some pretty decent jokes in his arsenal after Peyton’s dreadful Super Bowl appearance.