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Cory Conacher Had The Best Reaction To Accidentally Receiving John Scott’s Helmet In The Penalty Box

During last night’s Sabres-Oilers game, Buffalo forward Cory Conacher received a two-minute roughing minor during a scrum in the Oilers offensive zone. He lost in his helmet in the process and wound up receiving the wrong bucket while sitting in the penalty box.

The helmet in question actually belonged to John Scott, Conacher’s largest teammate who stands at 6’8 tall and has a ginormous head. Conacher, who stands a full foot shorter than Scott and clearly has a much smaller head, had a good laugh as soon as he saw the wrong number on the helmet.

The best part of the mistake comes when Conacher tries on Scott’s helmet in the penalty box and has a good laugh about it.

Spoiler: It doesn’t fit very well.

GIF via @BonksMullet

GIF via @BonksMullet