Apologies for the almost three-week-old news, but we’re not really hip to the deadlifting scene, so hopefully you’ll forgive us. Anyway, the (appropriately named) 2014 Arnold Strongman Classic took place recently, and some Real Life Hulk by the name of Zydrunas Savickas casually picked up a bar holding eight tires. And these aren’t exactly the type of spare tire you’d find chillin’ in the back of a Geo Metro. These truck tires clocked in at a combined weight of 1,155 pounds (give or take, like, a few pounds, factoring in the weight of the bar).

You know what 1,155 pounds qualifies for? A new world record, which is what this guy set. And, not only did this guy break the deadlifting world record, he tossed in a couple “I got this” head nods to make it official.