Dan GilbertThe short-handed Cleveland Cavaliers put up a spirited effort against the Miami Heat Tuesday night, losing 100-96 in a game where LaBron LeBron James scored 25 points in first quarter, en route to a 43-point overall effort. Late in the game, Dion Waiters appeared to get hacked on a drive to the bucket, yet no foul was called on either Udonis Haslem or LeBron. The no-call aided in Miami’s triumphant escape from Quicken Loans Arena, but the referees could not escape the wrath of Cavs owner Dan “Comic Sans” Gilbert, who fired off a tweet criticizing the sequence of events.

Dan GilbertNow, we’re not sure where Gilbert was headed with this tweet, but we’re guessing “travesty” was the intended word (or, “traveshamockery”, which would have been even better). Also, a part of me really hopes this was an action movie-inspired, “Don’t Get Fined!” event, where some personal assistant saw him typing something fine-worthy, and dove in front of Gilbert before he could finish it. In the ensuing struggle, someone hit “Send”, and that’s how we got here. Doesn’t really matter though, as Gilbert’s wallet will likely be a bit lighter come Wednesday.