One of the occupational hazards of being a major league umpire is putting yourself in the way of potentially dangerous line drives off the bat of the guy in the batter’s box. Brad Myers was reminded of that fact the hard way during Monday’s Reds-Indians Spring Training game when he took a Brandon Phillips line drive straight to the family jewels.

Located near the shortstop side of the infield grass, Myers attempted to jump out of the way of the liner but ended up making things worse for himself, putting his junk straight in the path of the screamer.

As you can imagine, Myers appeared to be in an immense ammount of pain after the nutshot, lying on the grass for several minutes before getting up and walking to the cart that would eventually take him off the field. He appeared to be alright but wound up going to the hospital to get it checked out further. That must have been slightly awkward.

GIF via Deadspin
GIF via Deadspin

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