As a sideline/rinkside reporter in any sport, you have to be aware of the occupational hazards that might come your way. For Fox Sports North’s Mike Greenlay, one of those hazards last night included a stick to the face.

During the first period of Thursday’s Rangers-Wild game in Minnesota, Greenie got sliced open when Mats Zuccarello and Matt Cooke got tangled up in a collision near the area between the two team benches. Despite Cooke’s history as a repeat offender, it appeared to be Zuccarello’s stick that was guilty of causing the damage to Greenlay.

Greenlay started leaking as a result and was patched up soon after, but not before his shirt was bloodied a little bit. This was cause for concern from Greenlay’s mom, who sent him this adorable email during the game:


And here’s what his mug looked like after the game:


Hopefully a speedy recovery is in the works but, all things considering, it could have been much worse.

[h/t Puck Daddy]