It’s common practice in sports for athletes to keep souvenirs from their career milestones to appreciate and relect on later in life. For NHL players, they usually choose to keep the pucks that were used to achieve those milestones.

Unfortunately for Calgary Flames’ rookie Corban Knight, that task becomes a little tougher when a linesman unknowingly tosses the special puck into the stands.

Linesman Lonnie Cameron worked last night’s Flames-Ducks game in Calgary, where Knight scored the first goal of his young NHL career in a surprising 7-2 rout of Anaheim. Cameron was obviously quite unaware of the special moment, as he grabbed the puck and decided to turn it into a souvenir for a little girl in the crowd instead.

Fortunately for Knight, his teammate Mikael Backlund came up with a huge assist by trading a stick to the young fan in exchange for the puck, which later found its way into Knight’s hands. Great teamwork right there.

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