Imagine you book an extravagant cruise that features players from your favorite team. Now imagine that your team cuts nearly all of the beloved players that are to be on said cruise. Well that is exactly the case in the ‘Saints Ahoy Celebrity Fan Cruise.’ This is the inaugural sailing of the ‘Celebrity Fan Cruise’ and it might just be the last-ever ‘Celebrity Fan Cruise.’ The list of New Orleans Saints who are scheduled to be on the fan cruise is Lance Moore (Cut from the team), Roman Harper (Cut from the team), Darren Sharper (In jail) and Kenny Stills, who remarkably at the moment is still a member of the New Orleans Saints.

The cruise was announced in October and there is even a Facebook for the vacation. Sharper has been charged on seven felony drug and rape counts so he’s a little preoccupied at the moment to enjoy pina coladas with the fans while sailing the open seas. Sharper has not been mentioned on the Facebook at all since December 9th.

The five-day, four-night cruise embarks on March 13 and for $579.93 you can party with Kenny Stills and two former Saints. The good news is that you can probably pick-up Lance Moore and Roman Harper jerseys at a discounted price for the players to sign.

Almost all players on the New Orleans Saints celebrity fan cruise have been cut